Dread Delusion: Crafting Guide

Im not sure if these are all of the recipes so if you happen know one and its not here or I just messed something up let me know.   Health Potion Two Eyes of Paeguth Stamina Potion Two Jitterseeds Mana Potion Two Paradoxicus Truth Potion One Jitterseed One Paradoxicus Shield Potion One Eye of … Read more

Dread Delusion: General Mechanic Guide (EA Version)

This is a general mechanics guide for the indie- RPG Dread Delusion.   Creating your Character When you create a new character, you’ll be given an opportunity to choose your character’s origins, which will include their starting stats. Saving Your Game Dread Delusion auto-saves your progress at key points, but you can also save your progress at Crystal … Read more