Door Kickers 2: How to Create Multi-floor Maps (New V0.33)

A step-by-step guide to creating multi-floor maps in the v0.33 version of Door Kickers 2.   Introduction The whole process of creating multi-floor maps is not very complicated, however it’s quite time-consuming and it’s easier if you have basic understanding of how triggers work. In this guide I will try cover each step in details, … Read more

Door Kickers 2: How to Mod 2022 (Step-by-step Tutorial)

A Modding Guide that will explain every step of the way.   Mod Packaging (Nexus/Vortex) So You wanna Package your mod for Nexusmods Fantastic I don’t want that time I spent on that Extension to go to waste. It shouldn’t be too hard for you. There are 2 Different types of Mods. One and Done … Read more

Door Kickers 2: Kamil Pasha Market Simple Guide

Quick guide for getting to the VIP in Kamil Pasha Market.   Kamil Pasha Market I didn’t see a guide on steam guides so I decided to post one that’s as simple as I could make it to get to the VIP before he gets shot. Phase 1 Set everyone to SPRINT on ALPHA go code. Support to … Read more

Door Kickers 2: Controls & Keybinds Guide

A listing of the different controls and a brief explanation to what said controls do. Keybinds Quick, Dirty, and Simple Keybind list for quick reference.   Action Keybinding Pan Cam Arrow Keys/MMB+Drag/Move mouse to edge Zoom Cam Scroll Wheel/Q+E Basic Aim Change Press+hold RMB Strafe Aim Change Press+hold RMB and hold CTRL Focused Aim Change … Read more

Door Kickers 2: How to Create Weapon Mods

If you intend on creating other mods, please read this too as there are other parts that might be important.   Game directory HOW TO MOD WEAPONS REALLY QUICK most of this is copy-pasted from my own Discord message so it may be a bit messy. Most of this pertains to the closed testing period, … Read more