DOOM Eternal: All the Reward Lists 2021

Full list of rewards, if you can’t find it here, then it doesn’t exist!   GAME AT LAUNCH [PRE-ORDER] – DOOT! (Skin) – Classic Shotgun Weapon (Weapon Skin) – Cultist Base (Master Level) – Arc Complex (Master Level) [DELUXE] – Classic Weapon Sound Pack (Sound Pack) – Demonic Slayer (Skin) ANCIENT GODS 1 & 2 … Read more

DOOM Eternal: All Available Commands 2021

List of all commands (No cheat) to make Your game performance better ,get game information and set graphic preferences like Ignoring VRAM to overwrite the limitation settings.   During game open command console by pressing ” ~ “ activateConsole forces the console down ( or up ) and the desired fraction.. 0.5 is normal 0.2 … Read more

DOOM Eternal: All Daisy Locations

Doomguy’s pet rabbit Daisy is hiding in every level. Here are all 13 locations with screenshots of the map where Daisy is found.   1. Hell on Earth 2. Exultia 3. Cultist Base 4. Doom Hunter Base 5. Super Gore Nest 6. Arc Complex 7. Mars Core 8. Sentinel Prime 9. Taras Nabad 10. Nekravol … Read more

DOOM Eternal FAQ & Known Issues

Hey all! We’ve put together an FAQ with some information to get you ready for the launch of DOOM Eternal: Frequently Asked Questions: What are the supported languages of DOOM Eternal? The supported languages are listed below: English/French/Italian/German/Spanish (Spain)/Spanish (Mexico)/Brazilian-Portuguese/Polish/Russian/Japanese – Text and Speech Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean – Text only How are languages separated by platform for … Read more