Dodgeball Academia: All Equipments List

Here’s the list of the 72 gears/equipments if it can help some people   The list Worn-out bandana Brand-new bandana Golden bandana (chest) Gross bandage Brand-new bandage (chest) First-aid kit (chest) Old gloves Brand-new gloves Spiked gloves Cracked helmet (chest) Brand-new helmet Iron helmet (chest) Cursed armor Over-the-top armor Old shoes Brand-new shoes Aero mexspeed … Read more

Dodgeball Academia: 100% Achievement Guide

Totally accurate guide to a hundred percenting your way into becoming a dodgeball connoisseur!   Progression Achievements ——————————————————————————– These are achievements that are gained through normal progression. You can’t really miss these on a standard play through since they’re either required or super easy to get. You’d have to try really hard to not get … Read more