Distant Worlds 2: Military And Fleet Combat Guide

This guide covers the military policies and fleet combat mechanics of Distant Stars 2, including ship behaviour and stances along with explanations for ship roles and suggestions for stance layouts among your fleets to allow your ship designs to engage with the enemy in an effective manner. It will also cover the somewhat hidden depth … Read more

Distant Worlds 2: How to Manually Upload Steam Screenshots

At time of writing steam screenshots are not working for Distant Worlds 2 – The process in this guide describes how you can upload screenshots manually.   How to Manually Upload Steam Screenshots Here is the full process I followed to create screenshots for DW2: 1. Print screen using print screen button. 2. Save file … Read more

Distant Worlds 2: How to Add Your Own OST

In this simply guide I will teach you how to remove/add your own songs to the game, plus I’ll leave my own custom folder 🙂   How to Add or Remove Songs Sadly the score of the game isn’t at par with the gameplay, so I had to customize the music folder by removing most … Read more