Dinkum: How to Install Mods on Steam Deck

This guide will tell you how you can install mods for Dinkum on your Steam Deck (and any other Linux PC).   Introduction This guide is based on a guide for Windows users How To Install Mods by isded Before continuing make sure you have your save files backed up! Mod Injector Until this game supports mods natively … Read more

Dinkum: How to Add More Languages

This guide will tell you how to translate your game from english to any language with xunity plugin until more language support comes to Dinkum game.   How to Add More Languages 1- Follow this [github.com]link and download XUnity.AutoTranslator-ReiPatcher-[version number].zip of the latest release. 2- After unpacking the archive place SetupReiPatcherAndAutoTranslator.exe into the game root folder (ex: … Read more

Dinkum: How to Enable Teleporters (Easy Method)

A simple guide to teach you how to enable teleporters   How to Enable Teleporters 1) You will need to locate all four towers 2) Each tower needs, 2 Batteries, 3 Motherboards, 1 CD, 1 Phone and 8 Cables That means in total 8 Batteries // 12 Motherboards // 4 CD’s // 4 Phones // … Read more

Dinkum: All John’s Goods Prices List

Comprehensive list of prices Jack will buy and sell items for.   Critters White Yabbie – $980 Bay Bug – $4540 Yabbie – $1899 Blue Mussel – $799 Fresh Water Mussel – Tiger Prawn – Spiny Sea Urchin – Inland Crab – $740 Bugs Ulysses Butterfly – $660 Blue Moon Butterfly – $290 Harlequin Butterfly … Read more

Dinkum: the Prices of Shop & Trapping

Prices of NPC shops and animals delivered to the ‘Animal Collection Point’.   John’s Goods Net – $1100 Axe – $1000 Pickaxe – $1200 Fishing Rod – $1260 Shovel – $900 Bush Lime – $180 ea Banana – $496 ea Torch – $6000 Table Saw – $5200 Machine Manual – $15000 Wheelbarrow – $30000 Old … Read more

Dinkum: How to Bury Seeds (Step-by-step Tutorial)

Dinkum is a new simulator game developed by James Bendon, it is now in Early Access, Here is a simple tutorial on how to bury seeds in the game.   How to Bury Seeds 1) Get a shovel – you can buy it from John if you get an excavation license 2) Dig a hole. The … Read more