Demonologist: “Deerscent Into Madness” Achievement Guide

This guide helps you on getting the secret Deerscent Into Madness achievement in Demonologist   1. Unlock Cyclone Street map The Cyclone Street map is unlocked after reaching level 3. Until then, keep playing. 2. Enter the house and find the deer Enter the house, go straight forward into the kitchen and from there into … Read more

Demonologist: All Easter Eggs Guide

Guide about the various Eastereggs in the game   Fakirhane “fakirhane” Next to a light switch the word “fakirhane” is written The programmers are Turkish, so we just look in the dictionary and see fakirhane” means “my humble home” Fat Cat The longer you stay in the lobby, the fatter the cat will get. 1 … Read more

Demonologist: Ghost Types and Evidence

In Demonologist, identifying the different types of ghosts and the evidence they leave behind is key to successfully exorcising them from cursed locations. The game features several types of ghosts, each with its unique characteristics and behavior. Additionally, each ghost leaves behind specific types of evidence that can help players identify the type of ghost … Read more