Democracy 4: How to Avoid Tax Evasion

Evade the evasion! Simple guide on how to avoid tax evasion.   What is Tax Evasion? Tax evasion is a negative situation which causes you to gain less money from taxes. Tax evasion is increased by the following policies: Income Tax Flat Income Tax Corporation Tax Capital Gains Tax Only one policy reduces tax evasion: … Read more

Democracy 4: How to Get All Achievements

A guide to how to get every achievement in the game   Achievements requirements Pt 1 Viva La Revolution Socialist happiness > 66% for 4 turns Socialist membership > 75% for 4 turns Equality > 75% for 4 turns Cult Of Personality Trust > 75% for 4 turns Strong Leader > 75% for 4 turns … Read more

Democracy 4: Basic Gameplay Guide

Guide to how to play the game, same as the in-game help   MAIN INTERFACE Democracy 4 puts you in the position of Prime Minister (or President) of a real-world country. At the start of the game you have just been elected to serve. The country may be doing fine or it may be in … Read more