Deep Rock Galactic: How To Use Grenades Practical And Effective Deployment Strategies 2021

This guide goes through each of the grenades available to each class in Deep Rock Galactic and shows how they can be effectively utilized on Hoxxes. This guide is not satirical.   Grenade Basics Grenades- also referred to as “Throwables”- are one of the different types of tools available for a Dwarf to use when … Read more

Deep Rock Galactic: Total Makeover Achievement Guide

This guide is intended to help anyone interested in getting Total Makeover achievement. Some players get this without problem but others don’t. In this guide I will explain the method that worked for me. Hope to help you!   Explanation In order to unlock the achievement you have to customize each accessory slot of a character. … Read more

Deep Rock Galactic: How to Transfer Progress Between Steam and Windows 10/XBox/Microsoft Store

This guide will advise how to transfer your progress from Steam to Windows 10/XBox/Microsoft Store and back so you can take your progress between those platforms. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware, updates/changes to the game may cause problems with save file leading to corruption and or progress loss as such you should have a solid understanding … Read more

Deep Rock Galactic: Full Perk Guide

Explains everything you need to know about Perks in DRG   OVERVIEW This is a guide to all the Perks in Deep Rock Galactic. Each Perk will be personally rated out of 5. All Perks referenced are treated as fully upgraded. — PASSIVE PERKS — BORN READY Very useful perk in any mission, unheld weapons reload after 5 … Read more