DEATHLOOP: Toggle Aim / Click RMB for Aim Down Sight

An easy way to change your inputs, so you don’t have to hold down the right mouse button to aim down sight.   Intro Currently there is no option ingame to change toggle aim. So if you are like me and having trouble hitting anything while holding down the right mouse button, here is a … Read more

DEATHLOOP: Safe, Lock & Door Combination Guide

Master the Loop! This guide will detail where to find & how to open every Safe, Lock & Door hidden around the Isle of Blackreef.   ☀️ Introduction There are secrets locked away all around Blackreef! Almost all of the combinations are randomized so this guide will help you solve the clues to crack every one & … Read more

DEATHLOOP: Tweaks and Graphic Settings

Here are some easy steps to get better performance in DEATHLOOP. DEATHLOOP is a next-gen FPS from Arkane Lyon, the award-winning studio behind Dishonored. it is available now on Steam.   NVidia Control Panel 1) Use the Advance 3D Settings 2) Disable GSync/FreeSync 3) Enable NVidia Reflex + Boost Graphics Settings VSync: OFF FPS Limit: Try … Read more

DEATHLOOP: How to Fix Stutter & FPS Issues

This is what has worked for me and I hope it works for you. I am using an AMD 5600 and RTX 2080 super. I have v-sync turned on in Nvidia control panel and off in-game, with no max fps in the control panel and the highest available in-game. (I used to have so many … Read more