Dawn of Man – Translation and Uploading to Workshop

This guide will help you create the translations of the game and upload them to the Steam Workshop. *NOTE:Dawn of Man supports user translations through the steam workshop, this guide explains how to do it.   Translating the game Download the current English strings from here: http://madrugaworks.com/dawnofman/files/strings.zip Rename the files replacing “en” by your language 2 … Read more

Dawn of Man – How to Earn Knowledge Points

When done all of the above (it isn’t necessary to start building), it’s time to gather points. Hunting diffrent animals is the fastestt way. Hold the key “h”, hold the mouse button, drag the selection over your settlers. This should select everyone with a hunting weapon. Switch to primal vision, search for game nearby. Rightclick … Read more

Dawn of Man – How to Expand Your Settlement

This guide will help you to expand your settlement. it is a only brief guide, if it does not work for you. you can leave your comment below.   Build at least one food dryer and let your people start expand the settlement. High priorize the crafter (building and crafting) to craft some bifaces, spears and skins … Read more

Dawn of Man – How to Place Manual Orders

You can order any human settler to do any task they ought to be able to do (children will only be able to do hauling and non-toolrequiring gathering). If your adult settlers need a tool for a task, they go and get one. Normally. By right-clicking on the ground they move there (double clicking makes … Read more

Dawn of Man – How to Bring the Prey Home

I night have noticed that after the butcher task will immediately be set. Now, if you rightclick on the dead animal, you can order your selected hunters to start butcher it right away – if they have butchering tools like biface or any other type of knife in their inventory. The butcher icon will turn … Read more

Dawn of Man – How to Change or Upgrade Tools

Biohazard [Thunder Buddies] posted: How can I change or upgrade the tools already equipped? I have plenty of flint spears in my stocks but my humans preffer the damn harpoons… Cheran posted: Harpoons are solely used for fishing. They should equip spears if they go on hunts. Best you craft slings or bows when possible. … Read more

Dawn of Man – How to Trade

After building a hearth (which will also define your settlement center – jump to it with “Return”), Traders will visit your settlements regularly. There are three types of traders: Low, average, high. This will define the exchange rate, the amount and tier of items. With time you will learn intricacies of trading. Buying low and … Read more