Dark Deity: Unit Tier List and Class Suggestions

I leveled up terrible units so you don’t have to. If you’re lazy and dont want to be trapped with a team full of Jagans, come on in.   Character Tier List Tier list is based on Diety difficulty playing efficiently, if you want to babysit certain units/classes they can surely turn out better than … Read more

Dark Deity: Basic Beginner’s Guide

A basic beginner’s guide to Dark Deity. Currently a work in progress.   Basic Classes Warrior Weapon – Sword Armour – Plate Damage – Slashing Weak To – Arcane, Crushing Upgrades To: Knight Barbarian Defender Dragoon Ranger Weapon – Bow Armour – Chain Damage – Projectile Weak To – Piercing, Projectile Upgrades To: Archer Drifter … Read more

Dark Deity Guide (Advantage, Damage Types and Armor Types)

A guide to Advantage, Damage Types and Armor Types, and just generally how it all works.¬†Also a little bit of discussion about my issues with it, because all I ever do is complain. In this guide I will be discussing the Advantage System of Dark Deity and how to read it properly, since I don’t … Read more