Dark Deception Monsters & Mortals: Tips for Mortals

These are just some things I came up with while playing this game so far (Feel free to add your own in the comments) General Tips -While under speed boost, bananas won’t stun you, so you can just run through them -If you’re being chased by Chef Monkeys/Phantom Malak and you have Primal Fear/Evan’s ultimate … Read more

Dark Deception Monsters & Mortals: Monsters Guide

Description of monsters, which ones are better for a beginner and about the game in general   There are several types of monsters in the game for which you can play. 1.Killer Monkeys (Scary Big Beasts) 2.Agatha (Creature with Long Arms) 3.Golden Watchers (Modest Ax Killers) 4.Duck Ducklings (Stealth Beasts) 5.Gremlin Clowns (Bald Beasts) 6.Malak … Read more