Curse of the Dead Gods: Survival Guide

An overview for a fresh player to learn of some mechanics without having to learn it the hardway.   Lighting Lighting is a great place to start a key game mechanic. pressing 1 with equip your torch will light up the area around you being in the light offers buffs the main one being reduced … Read more

Curse of the Dead Gods: Basics Guide for New Players

There’s no tutorial in-game, and there are some mechanics that bear explaining. This guide is meant to be a quick and concise guide for new players to the basics of Curse of the Dead Gods without going into comprehensive detail of individual gear pieces, enemy types, strategies, etc.   User Interface User interface elements, by … Read more

Curse of the Dead Gods Gameplay & Tips

Welcome to Gamepretty. Here is a guide with the basics of exploration of cursed temples.   Rooms Each game begins with you choosing a room to start in, there is a total of 7 rooms excluding boss rooms, I´ll quickly go over what each one contains. Weapon room – Three waves of enemies, starting with simple to … Read more