CULTIC: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in CULTIC.   Simple/Easy Stack ’em Up Get 2 or more headshots with a single Lever Action shot Melon Popper Pop 250 enemy heads Not today, thank you! Deflect 25 thrown hatchets Hail Mary Decapitate an enemy with a hatchet from over 20 meters away The … Read more

CULTIC: All Secrets Locations & FAQs

Here is a video guide on how to find all secrets in CULTIC.   All Secrets Locations 1. The Grave 2. The Shipyard  3. The Mine Town 4. The Mine  5. The Crypts 6. The Chapel No secrets on this level. 0/0 7. The Asylum Grounds 8. The Asylum 9. The Excavation Site 10. The Ritual … Read more