Cruelty Squad: Basic Guide & Tips

Guide to help new players to learn the fundamentals of Cruelty Squad.   Borders When you start the game one of the first things you see is the border encompassing your screen. Most new players will put this off and most likely not notice it, however the borders are important and allow you to do … Read more

Cruelty Squad: Fast Money Guide

How to make fast money to help you through the Cruelty Squad endgame.   Why do you even need money? It’s pretty simple, some of the stuff in this game is expensive. You can play through the levels super quickly in a attempt to make quick money, but for some of the items this will … Read more

Cruelty Squad: Fishing Guide

A true gamer’s guide to having some fishing fun in Cruelty Squad. Since the game is still in early access, consider this an incomplete guide as more levels will be added in the future. For now, here’s the fishing locations I could find so you could start your new career as a proper fisherman.   … Read more