Craftopia: How to Duplicate Any Item

Item duplication that works in single player, and doesn’t require any third party programs.   Introduction This guide will show you how to duplicate any item in Craftopia, without the need for multiplayer, and without the use of any third party programs/editors. The process takes about a minute or so to complete, can be done … Read more

Craftopia: How to Make Amounts of Money

Welcome to GamePretty for Craftopia game guide. here is a simple guide on how to make lots of money.   Getting Setup Farming using platations is the best way i have found to make quick money. First get setup with a High Density farm using plantations and peaches, about a stack of 6 indepth guide … Read more

Craftopia: Tips for Melting, Combining and Stretching Ores

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can combine your rare ores to get alloys (ingots) with good properties.   Intro In Craftopia, ores can have different properties. For example,¬†Dried Iron Ore¬†gives the item made with it the attribute +10 stamina if the item is equipped. It is therefore obvious to combine different ores … Read more

Craftopia: Small Spell Guide

The aim of this guide is to explain spells and their characteristics as well as possible play styles. This guide may change with coming updates. Support is welcome!   This guide is for v20200910.0147 Gear First of, Spell damage scales with MATK. You can increase MATK by using equipment that has the MATK stat, like … Read more