Crab Game: How to Find Long-Lasting Lobbies

In this guide, you will learn the best ways to find long-lasting Crab Game lobbies where the host does not leave unexpectedly. This is not a fool-proof guide that will work 100% of the time. It is simply some tips and suggestions that may help you in you find good Crab Game lobbies.   STREAMERS … Read more

Crab Game: Secret Blueline Room Guide

There’s a secret room added by Dani on the Blueline map. This shows you how to get to it the easiest way.   Warning Before the instructions, there’s some things you need to know: – Make sure you have 60+ HP, since there’s a risk you might take heavy fall damage if you don’t do … Read more

Crab Game: Tips and Tricks

If u want to get richer than number 456 (Džung Lung Lung Dung) then this guide will help you!   Form Alliances The social aspect of Crab Game is one many players ignore, but it’s essential for winning the game. Voice chat is enabled on most Crab Game servers, so there’s no need to be … Read more

Crab Game: Simple Movement Tricks

Some simple movement tricks I found and and some simple movement basics.   Sliding This one is very simple, just run and crouch at the same time and you will perform a slide. Sprinting, Jumping and then crouching This doesn’t really make you fast but from what I have seen it can make you fly … Read more

Crab Game: How to Change the Colour of Your Name

Here is a simple guide on how to be a Cool Kid with a shiny colourful name.   main section go to friends list click yourself click edit profile name copy one of the codes into your name below (make sure its before the part you want to change colour) colours here are some colours , … Read more

Crab Game Guide (Gamemodes, Movement, Maps, Misc and Tips)

This guide will mainly focus on tips and tricks in different fields ranging from movement to general and other useful information. Disclaimer: this guide may not work as efficiently for other players due to differences in ability or other circumstances   Introduction Alright so this section is gonna introduce the game and what is it … Read more