Corpse Party (2021): How to Unlock All Chapters Immediately

I did a little bit of software reverse engineering and discovered something about this game that I don’t think has been documented elsewhere (outside of a reddit post I made about it). By adding just one line to the game’s configuration file, you can immediately unlock access to every chapter of the game, both in … Read more

Corpse Party (2021): All Endings (Main & Extra Chapters)

This guide describes how to get all 54 endings (29 endings in Main Chapters and 25 endings in Extra Chapters) in this version of the game.   Chapter 1 True End (✯1) 1. Read the newspaper in Classroom 3-A. 2. Do not read all 5 Victim’s Memoirs. 3. Escape from the black mist in the … Read more

Corpse Party (2021): All Name Tags Locations (Chapter 4)

Here is a list of all the locations for name tags in Corpse Party (2021) chapter 4.   Corpse Party (2021) Chapter 4 All Name Tags Locations -Wake up as Satoshi, walk down to the stairway. Inspect the body. -Down the staircase and up the hall and turn left. Inspect the body. -Right next to the … Read more