Core Keeper: Food Buff Guide (Patch 3.8)

The new patch 3.8 is now available, here is a food buff guide with the new 3.8 updates.   Plant/Meat Buffs (with perk buff duration extended + only discussing golden plants and not lower tiered) 1) Golden Glow Tulip gives 10.5 glow + 4.35% attack speed at epic tier 2) Golden Heart Berry gives 75% max hp + 6.6 hp/sec for 20 sec + 26.65% melee damage at epic … Read more

Core Keeper: Basic Farming Guide

Basics of farming I’ve learned after a few hours of gameplay.   Core Keeper Basic Farming If you’ve played Minecraft, or any other survival crafter with farming, you likely already know what to do. This is not a master’s guide, but just simple information that hopefully helps someone who needs it. Step 1. Gather seeds. … Read more

Core Keeper: All Equipments (You Need to Know)

All you need to know for Equipment.   Rings Name Effect Source Set part Ring of Stone +33 mining damage Mining Dirt ✔️ Larva ring +18 max health Larva hide chest/enemies Ghorm ✔️ Glow Tulip Ring +3 glow 10 Glow tulip 10 Iron bar ❌ Gold Crystal Ring +17 range damge 17 gold bar ❌ … Read more

Core Keeper: Cooking Guide (All You Need to Cook)

The all you need for your Cooking. Note: Core Keeper is now available on Playtest via Steam.   Food Mushroom +9 food +5 health every sec for 10 sec Heart berry +9 food +7 health every sec for 10 sec Glow tulip +4 glow for 1 min +1 food Bomb pepper +5 food -9 health Carrock … Read more