College Kings: Ferry Mystery Murder Guide (Act 3)

A walkthrough and a kill order for the Ferry Mystery Murder game in act 3.   Intro This guides helps you to kill all at the ferry murder mystery game. Some characters are optional, missing chars make the game easier. I played it as a Wolf on a Chloe path, but this doesn’t really matter. … Read more

College Kings: How to Keep All HOCO Options Open

This guide focuses on the path MC could follow to be able to ask any of the available girls for homecoming. Any of the 8 options bar Aubrey and Autumn will accept if you will follow these actions. Tested multiple times. This walkthrough is for both Wolves and Apes pledges.   Introduction This guide purely … Read more

College Kings: All Sex Scenes [v0.7.3]

This guide is for my fellow horny down bad pals and it will show you the current available sex outcomes and how to get them FYI: These ways are the fastest ways I have found by playing the game, so you can probably get some of them faster than I did and some of the … Read more

College Kings Walkthrough & Achievements Guide V0.5

This guide is grouped by (in-universe) days. This is mainly done for the convenience of organizing the possible conversations you will have. Conversations are listed on the day they become available, but some text messages do not need to be answered on the same day (some messages do not need to be answered at all). … Read more