Cockwork Industries Complete: All Animations Saves

Here is the code for all animations to get a full walkthrough.   Cockwork Industries Complete All Animations Saves Please Copy and past this into your ( bc.x ) file inside the saved folder in your steam, steamapp, common, Cockworks, saved, opened from Notepad or Text Document (all the numbers). 80-66-90-67-89-82-71-82-32-70-65-86-71-80-85 80-72-69-86-66-72-70-32-84-82-66-69-84-82 86-65-70-86-81-82-69-32-79-89-66-74-65-66-72-71 89-66-70-71-32-78-65-81-32-83-66-72-65-81 86-65-70-86-81-82-69-32-81-69-82-78-90-32-65-78-81-86-78 … Read more