Clicker Heroes 2 – Basic Cid Critstorm Build Guide

this guide is a collection of other build guides created by other people, my own experiences and choices, and tips on how to get a strong Critstorm build going quickly.

There are similar builds to this made by other people which I dominantly borrow from, but I still have made minor alterations and have also put this on Steam with no other Critstorm guides currently being on Steam. This is probably not the most optimal or the fastest build in order to achieve Critstorm and to gild, but is still very fast and with the current state of the game: does not matter too much.

This guide was written during Early Access 0.8.1


Section 1

The core of this build revolves around Critstorm, Powersurge, and Reload. Once the build is fully complete, all three of these are relatively sustained. To start off, you want to get reload nodes and energy.

Additionally, before your first gild, you will want to get any automator points that are easy to get. After your first gild, just rush nodes.


Section 2

Continue getting nodes. After this point, you can begin idling and come back to put in new skill points.


Section 3

Rush Critstorm and gather other important nodes around this. At this point you start Steamrolling.


Section 4

Rush Killing Frenzy and pick up additional powersurge nodes. At this point you are basically ready to gild and are just waiting to get to the Gilded World.


Section 5

Round out the build while waiting to gild. If you are about to gild for your first or second time, rush Automator Points in order to fill out your Automator.



The automator setup builds around a full idle setup for Critstorm where once the biggest part of the skill tree is completed, you can essentially idle and come back to having gilded.

1st Slot
Gem: Upgrade Newest Item
Stone: Monster Health Greater than 50%

2nd Slot
Gem: Reload
Stone: 4 Second Cooldown

3rd Slot
Gem: Powersurge
Stone: Mana Greater than 90%
Can also substitute a time based stone 

4th Slot
Gem: Energize
Stone: Energize = 0
Can also substitute a time based stone

5th Slot
Gem: Buy Random Catalog Item
Stone: 10 Second Cooldown

6th Slot
Gem: Critstorm
Stone: 40 Second Cooldown


  • Replace Critstorm gem with Clickstorm before obtaining Critstorm
  • Substitute stones until you get the ones you need
  • You may want to run a different automator setup in first few worlds of a new character or gild
  • After gilding, you can still keep your automator setup
  • Before your first gild, you should be able to get all stones and gems but the stone Energize = 0, you can get this stone before your second gild


  • With the current state of the game, you start off very slowly but by around world 9-10 you steamroll until your next gild.
  • Before your first gild, buy Automator points with rubies. Otherwise the only other thing that could be worth buying are Ancient Shards. I stopped buying Automator points and Ancient Shards after my second gild since they are more or less useless now.
  • I play this game very casually so it takes me 3-4 days per gild. People who are more attentive to the game, especially in the earlier stages of the gild, will gild faster.
  • Once you get steamrolling in the later stages of a gild, you can complete a world in minutes.
  • After your first gild, it is slightly faster to gild again because you do not need to get as many Automator points. Once you have all stones and gems, there is no need to pick up any Automator points.
  • Set world automation to Attempt Next World. In certain situations at the start of the gild, you may want to Rerun Current World once for one world in order to catch up at experience.
  • Repeat process of gilding until you get bored with the game because you are doing the same thing over and over.


Clicker Heroes 2 has released on Jul 7, 2018 on steam. this guide was written by Athis