Chicory A Colorful Tale: How to Replay Boss Fights

How to navigate your game files to teleport yourself to the various boss arenas throughout the game, allowing you to replay the sequence or skip far ahead into the game. Obviously be aware of sequence breaking and glitches.   Backup your files please: Bosses in Chicory are not meant to be replayed, and are heavily … Read more

Chicory A Colorful Tale: All Painting Assignments and Requests

A guide for those who want to see ahead of time what they’ll be specifically asked to paint and/or decorate. Includes Art Academy assignments, story requests, shop requests, open-world art requests, customized items, and decorating requests.   Art Academy Assignments All assignments should be in order. Assignments alternate starting with art prompts then classic recreations. … Read more

Chicory A Colorful Tale: Missing Furniture Clue Locations

These are the clue locations for the Missing Furniture side-quest in Simmer Springs. This also unlocks the “Turnabout Squeeze” achievement. Clue #1 Clue #1 is in the presidential suite in the hotel. This is the clue that starts the side-quest. Honestly, if you haven’t gotten this yet, I have many questions. Clue #2 Clue #2 … Read more