Celeste: Secret Audio File Guide

This guide will explain how to access the secret audio file in celeste, (wow_so_secret.wav).   How to Access the Secret Audio File Step 1 : Copy bank file from your original celeste folder, url : Celeste\Content\FMOD\Desktop\sfx.bank Step 2 : You’ll need the following tool : .bank Extractor Package[drive.google.com] Unzip the folder to your desktop and … Read more

Celeste: How To Activate Cheat Mode

There’s a hidden mode in Celeste called Cheat Mode. What is it, and how do you activate it?   What is Cheat Mode? Cheat Mode is a hidden mode in Celeste that unlocks all levels (including main Chapters, B-Sides, and C-Sides) as well as Golden Strawberries and Variant Mode, which allow players to add modifiers to … Read more