Caveblazers: Beginners’ Tips & Tricks 2021

If you’re new and you want genuine tips or tricks about Caveblazers, I would like to give you a few.   Basic Tips I’m going to assume that you’ve played this game enough to know controls and such. I haven’t played this game for a long time but I have beat every boss and at … Read more

Caveblazers: How to (Partially) Disable the Pre-Menu Intro

The flashy sword-slashing intro followed by the ear-deafening sword-clashing sound is incredibly annoying.   Animation Close the game. Press WinKey + R; this will open the Run textbox. Alternatively, open the Start Menu, write “run” in (without the quote marks), then press Enter. Write the following in, then press Enter: %localappdata%/Caveblazers Find the ‘settings.ini’ file … Read more