Cassette Beasts: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Cassette Beasts. Note: This guide was originally created by Jedo and is WORK IN PROGRESS currently.   This Is The World We Live In (Prologue) After your first battle, you will be asked about your aesthetic—Spooky or Sweet. Think of this as your starter Cassette Beast. Spooky … Read more

Cassette Beasts: Ranger Captain Guide

A quick and simple guide to finding Ranger Captains, contains spoilers.   Ranger Captain #1: Wallace [NOTE: There will be map spoilers and/or solution spoilers.] Captain Wallace is pretty hard to miss for the most part, located right outside of ‘Ranger Outpost’ where, you get your task of collecting stamps from the other rangers. [Location] … Read more