Call Of Duty World War 2 Guide : How to Fix Error Code 5

Lots of players have encountered the problem of Error Code 5 which makes them not able to play online multiplayer. Actually, error code 5 persists by telling you the game will restart to apply an update but when the game resumes from its previous state, you are met with Error Code 5, which won’t let you connect to the online, and this becomes an endless loop of repetition.

If you are encumbered with Error Code 5, there are two ways that might solve your problem.

  • First disconnecting your ps4 from your WiFi and connecting it to your mobile hotspot then closed the game and reconnected to your WiFi again and started the game.


If the methode above didn’t work out for you there is a second solution.

  • Go to the “Local Play” of the menu you are currently on. Over here you will download some minor updates or playlist updates. Wait here for a minute or two until you don’t see the download prompt taking place in the background. When you are done, you can exit back to the previous menu where you can select to go online, and now you shouldn’t have any difficulty to connect!


If the issue continues to trouble you, we recommend you check the server status.

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