Bugsnax: All Snaxsquatch Locations

SPOILERS! All the places to scan Snaxsquatch.   Intro There are two rewards for finding Snaxsquatch, but they are both secrets. Read on if you want spoilers. The first is the Candid Crypdid achievement. You get this for scanning Snaxsquatch in any location. The second is a hidden mail reward for scanning Snaxsquatch in three … Read more

Bugsnax: All Achievements Guide

Want to know what all the achievements are? Well here you go!   EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT BUGSNAX! Hey there! If you’re here I imagine you’re just wanting to see what each achievement is and how to get it, most are fairly straight forward but let’s get to it! Everybody Gets One Catch your first Bugsnak. – The … Read more

Bugsnax: How to Catch All Bugsnaxs

A guide to help the players to catch all bugsnaxs   introduction This is a guide to help the new or old players to catch every bugsnax and get the achivements “Quartermaster” “Halfway There” “Got To Catch Them All”. Quick Trick You can move the bugsnax with the Luncpad. the bugsnax dont need to be … Read more