Bright Memory – Episode 1 Walkthrough And Final Boss

Bright Memory – Episode 1 was produced by FYQD Personal Studio, The first person shooting game made with the latest Unreal 4.9 engine. The game will get rid of the traditional FPS game battle type and incorporate ACT action elements to let players experience the innovation of FPS games. Now this game is available on Steam and recommended by most players.


Game Background

It tells a adventure story of Shelia of Natural Science Research Organization (SRO). 2020, SRO discovered a material in an ancient sword which could recall dead creatures during an investigation of cultural relics crime. The third-party military organizations (SAI) infiltrated into SRO’s research institute and tried to grab the material.They changed the coordinates of the transmitter to the edge of Arctic where they found a land of sky that a large number of ancient creatures exist. SRO must stop SAI ‘s conspiracy and find out the truth.

Walkthrough and final boss

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