Brick Rigs: How to Play the Older Versions (Download & Run)

The old way to do it got patched, so now we have to use a different way   Explanation The old way of doing this was to download a very small program that uses a memory patch to re-enable depot downloading within the steam console. Unfortunately, this was removed and the memory patch no longer … Read more

Brick Rigs: How to Give your Vehicles Steering Systems

stuck on giving your first car steering? learn how to give your Vehicle steering here! it’s very simple and quick to find out how   How to give your vehicle steering it may sound complicated, but it is super easy, find out in these 4 steps 1. grab a axle (same type as the drive … Read more

Brick Rigs: How to do a Sick Flip

This guide shows you how to perform a sick flip in BR   How to perform a flip Step 1: get any gun except the pistol Step 2: point the gun straight down Step 3: this is the last and hardest step. open the menu and click give up in the match section And now … Read more