Borderlands 2: How to Skip Intro Videos

This is how to modify the .ini file such that there are no intro videos, so you can go straight to the game.   Simply Find and Modify the File In your Documents Folder is the “My Games” Folder created by Steam. Go into it, open the folder “Borderlands 2”, then subsequently go to “WillowGame” … Read more

Borderlands 2: Shift Codes That Still Work In 2021

This guide contains all shift codes i know that still work in 2021 for borderlands 2, every single code is tested by me to make sure you can still claim it, you most likely have claimed already all the codes displayed here, they are not new !   Where To Enter Shift Codes? To find … Read more

Borderlands 2: How to Disable Vibrations

How to disable vibrations once and for all, Xbox One controller, Windows 10   Open in explorer : Documents \ My Games \ Borderlands 2 \ WillowGame \ Config In the Config directory, look for the file WillowGame.ini Copy it somewhere else, as a back up in case anything go wrong. Then open the file … Read more