Boo Men: 2023 Halloween Event Guide

This guide will show you where to get all body parts on Riverglen Ln.   Riverglen Ln. Body Parts The order of body parts is in a counterclockwise circle starting from the front door, moving right. 1. Brain (Dining Room Table) 2. Heart (Hallway Side Table) 3. Eyeball 1 (Bedroom Nightstand) 4. Arm 1 (Master … Read more

Boo Men: Item Locations Guide (RiverGlen Map)

This guide will show you the possible locations of all the items one might need to steal from the map RiverGlen. As we are writing this guide in the “Troll Update” and the game is still in early access, new content will be added to the game/changed in the near future, so we will try … Read more