Boneraiser Minions: Brodacious Brozilla Effects Cheat Sheet

How the fun, yet complicated Ultimate Brodacious Brozilla works.   The Brosics The Brodacious Brozilla is a rather complicated minion, combining a bit of every single Bro minion’s playstyle into one. In order to summon this beast, you need to have three Big Bro minions. They can be any type, and it will accept duplicates. … Read more

Boneraiser Minions: How to Go Infinite with Imp Contraptineer

With a specific strategy and combination of relics, you can achieve endless invincibility and chests with Imp Contraptineer. Here’s how to do it!   Disclaimers This guide assumes you have unlocked all relevant meta progression upgrades: All Boneraise Lore meta upgrades to max level. All Heroic Force meta upgrades to max level. All Class Heritage meta upgrades for the Imp Contraptineer class. All … Read more