Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How to Reach Old Amsterdam

I’ve seen several people asking how to find the secret city under Versum Hill, so I’m making an easily referrable guide to it.   Old Amsterdam We don’t actually know the name of the underground city with the coffin and the pool, but calling it Old Amsterdam seems like a safe bet. It was first … Read more

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Decks/Skates/BMX Guide

Picture guide to help you find all of the different gear customization collectibles throughout the game.   Decks Devon – When you start Chapter 3, the garage door that allows you to change the BMX you have equipped should open. The board is right inside. Terrence – At the top of the Hideout, where Mesh is usually … Read more

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Outfit Location Guide

Complete guide for finding all of the outfit collectibles across the game.   Versum Hill – Red & Rave Red’s Autumn Outfit – Between the uppermost billboards in the center area. You can get up there a few different ways, but the easiest would be jumping down from the train tracks up above. It’s totally possible … Read more

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All City Maps with Icons

I made a map of the entire city with the intention of helping people who get lost and can’t find where to swap characters or teleport. I also made a blank version in case someone wants to make their own guide with it or use it for any reason. Its very probable that I missed … Read more

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Unique Movestyle Abilities Guide

Each movestyle (Inline Skates, Skateboard, and Bike) has its own unique ability that allows for traversal to otherwise unobtainable collectibles   Intro Just wanted to make a quick guide to discuss the unique ability that each movestyle has – I don’t recall them ever being explained in-game, but I was very lost as to how … Read more

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Where to Find the “Get E-NUF” Single

This is a simple follow-along guide to help you find one of THE BEST songs in the universe!   Requirements To get the Get E-NUF single you’ll need to first have enough REP to progress to the beginning of the Franks boss battle. Once you have E-NUF REP, you’ll be able to snatch this CD. … Read more

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How to Mod Graffiti

I’ll be going over how you can mod (replace) graffiti with your own. This process applies to every other texture as well i.e. Character skins etc etc   Getting started You’ll need the game (duh) and UABEA which you can download here: This is the software we’ll be using to open the asset bundles and … Read more