Blue Archive: How to Level Up Your Characters

Here is a guide on how to level up your characters (students) in the Blue Archive efficiently. enjoy the game.   How to raise the level of a character (strengthening method) You can use the report to strengthen your character (student)! You will need a report to effectively strengthen your character. You can raise the level by using the report on … Read more

Blue Archive: Keystone Guide (How to Get & Use)

Here is a guide on how to obtain and use Keystones in the Blue Archive game. you can get keystones efficiently with this guide, we will teach you how to use them in manufacturing (craft chamber), enjoy the game.   How to get keystone How to get Keystone Quantity Daily mission 1 piece Weekly mission 6 Gacha … Read more

Blue Archive Character Tier List (Recommended Low-rare Characters)

Here is a full character tier list in Blue Archive game. We will explain the strong points of recommended tanks and healers, star 2 and star 1 character (students) by role, so if you want to know more about recommended low-rare characters, let’s check out this list.   List of recommended low rare characters Striker recommended … Read more