Bloons TD 6: Geraldo’s Wider Shop Guide

The last in this 3 part series, this section goes over the simpler items found within Geraldo’s Shop.   Shop Overview. The shop of geraldo expands with level, in total there are 16 items. You can find a list of them below, and links to guides for the more complex items in the shop. > … Read more

Bloons TD 6: “Student Loan” Achievement Guide

Guide on how to get Student Loan Achievement.   Introduction So this achievement is pretty straight forward on how to get it, but I still decided to write a guide. Hope this will help. I did this achievement on theĀ end of the road, but you can do it anywhere where you can put at least … Read more

Bloons TD 6: The Cabin Easter Egg (2021 Halloween Update)

The Cabin map and this Easter Egg was added in the 2021 Halloween update (so… a Halloween Egg, not an Easter Egg?). Here’s a quick guide on how to unlock it. Spoiler Alert!   The Cabin Easter Egg All you need is 500 cash, you can also do this in the sandbox mode. In order … Read more

Bloons TD 6 Heroes Tier List 2021 (The Best Heroes Ranked)

Having a good grasp on which heroes are worth spending your hard earned monkey money on and which are not, is essential and this is the primary goal of this guide/tier list.   Introduction You may have started with Quincy as your hero and then just hanged unto him, and now you want to try … Read more

Bloons TD 6: Glorious Gold Achievement Guide

Comprehensive guide for the Glorious Gold Achievement.   What Is This Achievement And How To Get It The achievement in quest is called “Glorious Gold” and a player needs to pop 500 times of these special Golden Bloons and it can take up to a minimum 63 games if done perfectly, which makes it a … Read more

Bloons TD 6: Hook, Line, and Sinker Achievement Guide

The recent achievement “Hook, Line, and Sinker” requires grind to get, but when set up properly properly it can be done within a few hours.   Introduction Version 26 introduced several grindy achievements; pop 500 Golden Bloons, moving 1,000 towers with Support Chinook’s ability, and a few more. This guide will help with “Hook, Line, … Read more

Bloons TD 6: All Heroes (Ranked Tier List 2021)

This is a Detailed Guide to all heroes in the game. hope you love this guide. Note: All info in this guide is the current statistics of all 12 heros in the game as of Version 25.1.   Quincy. The Archer Quincy is a Hero in the game Bloons TD 6. He specializes in archery-related … Read more

Bloons TD 6: Easy Cubism Chimps Strategy. (No Micro)

An easy strategy to beat Chimps mode on Cubism.   Intro This is probably one of the easiest strategies to beat Cubism on chimps mode. You only need one tier 5 tower unlocked (perma-spike isn’t completely necessary) and no micro is required! Early game (Rounds 6-40) To start, simply place a tack shooter in the … Read more

Bloons TD 6: How to Get the Four “Extras” Achievements

This will be teaching you how to get the four “extras” achievements.   Big Bloons This is unlocked by completing 10 games with Pat Fusty as your hero. Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy (Small Bloons) To get this achievement you must achieve 900,000+ pops with the “Bloon Master Alchemist” (0-0-5) in a single game before round 100. … Read more