Bloons TD 6: Hook, Line, and Sinker Achievement Guide

The recent achievement “Hook, Line, and Sinker” requires grind to get, but when set up properly properly it can be done within a few hours.   Introduction Version 26 introduced several grindy achievements; pop 500 Golden Bloons, moving 1,000 towers with Support Chinook’s ability, and a few more. This guide will help with “Hook, Line, … Read more

Bloons TD 6: How to Get the Four “Extras” Achievements

This will be teaching you how to get the four “extras” achievements.   Big Bloons This is unlocked by completing 10 games with Pat Fusty as your hero. Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy (Small Bloons) To get this achievement you must achieve 900,000+ pops with the “Bloon Master Alchemist” (0-0-5) in a single game before round 100. … Read more