Blood of Steel: Full Ranked Legion War Guide

Nearly everything about 5v5 Ranked legion war. if you have any problems, please let me know.   Basics Basics: 1) Get ready ure armour set! For mele – atack speed + external armor + external armor penetration. For ranged – ranged damage + external armor + external armor penetration. For cavalry – mele damage + … Read more

Blood of Steel: Ling Tong Guide

General guide with some discussion on playstyle. Ling Tong is a versatile heavy tank with the strongest kit for initiating battles. He can extend over a large front, is quite good at trading and is a strong dueler. Highly recommend for new players who want to learn how to play infantry.   Introduction Ling Tong … Read more

Blood of Steel: Basic Ying Zheng Guide

Guide to crashing your chariot and acting like you did it on purpose. Includes basic and advanced tips to optimise your driving experience.   Introduction Who am I? A Ying Zheng enthusiast. While I wouldn’t call myself an expert or really an authority on him, I think I can provide some valuable insights on Ying … Read more

Blood of Steel: Lu Ban Academy Guide

Guide to beating Lu Ban Academy   Intro / Buildings Firstly your hero synergy is the key to victory, the abilities you choose between each wave can affect every hero and unit. These come as Auras, Buffs, Passives, or Conditionals. Utilize these to your best advantage; learn them. Sun Shangxiang has an allied aura that … Read more

Blood of steel: Tips for Beginners

Some tips for beginners based on my experience of 30 hours of playing.   The beginning of the “Events” Events: For everyone who has not reached the 5th account level, there is an event button on the start screen in the upper right corner.¬†We select event 1 (at the top right, you can select Russian … Read more