Beyond Contact: Where to Find Resources

Need to find a resource? This short guide explains where to mine ores and what to farm for drops.   Ores This is a work in progress, I will update over the next few days, feel free to ask below if you can’t find something. Sparkstone Where to find: Everywhere. Tool required: None. Small blue … Read more

Beyond Contact: Tips to Find or Create Oxygen

Here are some tips for finding and creating oxygen in the early game.   Oxygen Bubbles You can find these throughout the world, gather them like you would a material, and they will respawn after some time. Air Tanks & Scrap Heaps The area where you spawn with all of the drop pods usually has … Read more

Beyond Contact: How to Enable Respawn in Single-player Mode

Are you scared of dying in an unforgiving alien world? Almost throwing your peripherals in rage when your progress is wiped? Well fear not! Death is meaningless in the face of having respawn enabled! This guide is a walk-through of 2 methods for enabling respawn in Beyond Contact ensuring a comfortable ride to¬†doomsday¬†saving the world! … Read more