Besiege: How to Create Skybox Packs for Object Explorer

Describes how to create skybox packs for Object Explorer.   Prerequisites Unity 5.4.0f3 Visual Studio 2019 (NOT Visual Studio Code) Component: .NET Framework 3.5 Development Tools Workload: Game development with Unity Workload: .NET Desktop Development Instructions In Besiege, open the console with Ctrl+K. Run command with arguments: createmod Run command with arguments: createassembly In Unity, create … Read more

Besiege: Bendable Metal-like Joints Tutorial

Some practical advice to help anyone working on parts that require bendable beams, axles, or joints that stay in place after bending. Like car axles that permanently bend. In other words, how to make bendable joints that realistically bend and stay bent like metal. This is useful for axles, beams, or supports that bend and … Read more