Battlefield V Tides of War Chapiters Battle Royale Arrives 4 Month Later

If you are looking for the Battle Royale mode FireStrom of Battlefield V, you’ll probably be disappointed, because it won’t comes out while launching. We don’t have any more information about the FireStrom yet, and today, we will principally take about the Tide of War’s plan and its details. Here’s what EA has revealed about … Read more

Battlefield V Will Support 60hz Tick Rate And 120hz In Smaller Modes

Since Black Ops 4 is struggling with the low tickrate, people started to ask about the tickrate of Battlefield V, and this question is answered that thickrate of Battlefield will be exact the same as Battlefield 1. David Sirland, the DICE multiplayer producer at Battlefield V has answered that the game will feature 60hz tickrate … Read more

Everyone in Battlefield V’s Campaign Will Speak Their own Language

If you speak multiple languages, it must feels wired when everyone is speaking English in a country where people should be speaking another language you know, well, that won’t bother you in Battlefield V’s campaign mode! Every characters in the war stories are speaking in their respective language. — Jeff (DICE) (@EA_DICE) October 17, 2018 … Read more

Battlefield V Weapons Details Change Progression DICE Is Listening To Players

DICE Engagement Designer, Erik Ortman, took the lead in explaining how they are improving Battlefield V weapons. The first thing he cleared up (via Twitter), is that the feature was incorrectly called “Upgrades” in the beta. The correct term is “Specializations.” Every weapon and vehicle Specialization tree now offer a choice for how the player wants … Read more

Battlefield V Game Size Revealed  In Japanese PS4 Box Art

Battlefield V will be released on November 20, 2018, but its box art is already available and according to he japanese PS4 version box art, the minimum storage that’s required to install Battlefield V is 50 GB. Well, this dosen’t show the exact size of the game but is obvious smaller that Call of Duty … Read more

Battlefield V Weapons, Vehicles, Gadgets Complete List Revealed By EA

As DICE promised, the weapons, vehicles  and gadgets of Battlefield 5 has  been revealed officially. The list is down below. Battlefield V Weapons List: Assault Rifles StG 44 – Considered by many to be the first real assault rifle. It combines a high rate of fire with good accuracy and stopping power. Sturmgewehr 1-5 – The selective-fire … Read more