Baldi’s Basics Plus: All Glitched Seeds (v0.3.5)

Ever wanted to check out a glitched seed and see how it looks, but then realized there’s not a single guide that contains all the glitched seeds in the game currently known about? Well, here you go.   Glitched Seed Explanation This anomaly in seeds can occur if both conditions below are satisfied (in order): … Read more

Baldi’s Basics Plus: How to Edit Subtitles (How to Revert)

im gonna teach how to edit your subtitles (and how to revert them)   Where to find the game files to edit subtitles you gonna need to find the games files. now the easy way is to Right Click on the game and select Browse Local Files. or you could go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldi’s … Read more