Back 4 Blood Beta: How to Disable Spam Pop-up Surveys

Here is a simple tutorial on how to Disable Spam Pop-up Surveys.     DISABLE POP UP SURVEYS BACK4BLOOD Disable spamming pop-up surveys for Back 4 Blood BETA >Go to your browser(Chrome, Opera, etc.) *I personally use Opera GX* >Settings >Advanced – Privacy & Security >Site Settings >Content – Pop-up & Redirect >Block — Put: >Click … Read more

Back 4 Blood Beta: Recommended Settings For Maximum Visual Quality

This guide will show you the optimum settings for absolute best visual quality at max settings   Graphics Settings EXPLANATIONS Window Mode: Fullscreen if only gaming, Windowed Borderless if multitasking (alt+tabbing). Screen Resolution: Default/same as your monitor. Anti-Aliasing: TAA. Other settings either blur edges too much or add distracting amounts of motion blur. Motion Blur: Off. Why would anyone want vaseline … Read more