Automobilista 2: How to Find Period Correct Liveries for the Cars

The game looks great, but it is even more fun with authentic Car Liveries for the different classes. If you are looking to boost the historic authenticity, then the nice modders over at RaceDepartment got you covered.   Where to get cool Liveries? Sign Up with RaceDepartment[dot]com, no need to make any of the paid … Read more

Automobilista 2: How to Fix Game Crash (Version 1.2 AMS 2)

In this guide, I’ve compiled all the possible (tested) fixes which worked for me and many other people to get the game running without crashing on the splash screen/menu/on track.   1.) Delete your Save Game folder. Where can you find it ? C:\Users\[ENTER USERNAME]\Documents\Automobilista 2\savegame What is the purpose of doing so ? Because … Read more