ATOM RPG Trudograd: How to obtain “Escalation of Conflict” Achievement

How to get “Escalation of Conflict” as it’s difficult to find achievement.   ATOM RPG Trudograd “Escalation of Conflict” Achievement Guide This quest will take place as part of the main questline for the Police, so keep working for the police until you get the quest to Find the Revolutionary Hideout. Walkthrough: You must go to the revolutionary hideout by … Read more

ATOM RPG Trudograd: 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide i will show you step by step how to get all achievements in ATOM RPG TRUDOGARD. Please forgive me all misspelling etc.   Fresh Prince of Trudograd “The city welcomes you!” All you have to do is create character and begin your adventure in Trudogard! An Old Friend “Your car from the … Read more