Ashen All Achievements Guide

There are a lot of achievements in the Ashen game, but it is relatively easy to get it. Let’s see.   Main narrative achievements: You will get these achievements by going through the narratives 1.Vagrant’s rest 2.Ukkoto 3.Diasora 4.Amiren 5.Shadow Walker(Beat Amiren and complete Silaren’s side mission)。 6.Lathyrus‘ last stand 7.Shadow of Ashen 8.Leap of … Read more

Ashen-How to Fight The Final Boss

Final BOSS Familiar with the move Phase 1: use your teammate to draw the attention, the key is to go from behind. When you got locked, Attack 2 times then wait for the next round. Phase 2: Attack with teammates at the same time at first, remember to dodge. The key here is to attract, … Read more