Artificial Extinction: Sentry Types, Resources, Abilities, Weapons and Enemies Guide

Here is a general Guide for Artificial Extinction the game. we will add more information later. Sentry Types Sniper Sentry Ground Units Upgrade 1: Armor Piercing Rounds Upgrade 2: Double Rate of Fire Anti- Air Sentry Flying Units, Missiles, Timed Bombs. Upgrade 1: Heat Seaking Launcher Upgrade 2: Another Heat Seaking Launcher Gun Sentry Close … Read more

Artificial Extinction Basic Controls

Artificial Extinction isĀ an amazing game with a good challenge and nice story. here is the basic controls guide for the game. hope this guide will help you.   Basic Controls Move Forward W You move forwards Move Backwards S You move backwards Move Left A You move to the left Move Right D You move … Read more