art of rally: How to Unlock All Cars Easily by Editing Your Saves

Configuring your save file to instantly get all of the available cars.   Why I’m making this Long story short, my computer crashes during a rally. I reboot it to find all game progress reset. No worries, I grind through the campaigns again and reach 1994. Computer crashes again and wipes my progress. Mad over … Read more

Art Of Rally Achievement Guide 2021

A guide to help you get 100% achievements in Art Of Rally.   Career Achievements These achievements are all unlocked through career mode. You can also complete some of the other achievements while working towards these ones. Podium Win your first season This can be easily achieved in the 1967 season in Group 2. You … Read more

Art of Rally: All Collectibles Guide

A guide to the location of all Free Roam collectibles in Art of Rally   Info Please understand that this guide will contain spoilers of the free roam game mode. Dune’s Van – purple circle Cassettes – red circle Photo Locations – blue circle RALLY Letters – yellow circle Finland Sardinia Japan Norway Germany Art of Rally Review For … Read more