Armed to the Gears Troubleshooting

Game crashing, unstable or behaving weirdly? Check these tips to try to get everything back on track.   Reseting game config and registry Try the following steps to reset every configuration to default: WARNING: you’ll lose all your game stats and saved information. 1. Close and uninstall Armed to the Gears; 2. Locate and delete … Read more

Armed to the Gears Save File Location

Armed to the Gears combines real-time strategy and territory domination into a top-down shooter with mechs, cyborgs and complete destruction. it is now fully released on Steam now. if you have saving problems for the game and want to learn the save file location. you come to the right place.   Where is the Save File Location? you may be able to … Read more

Armed to the Gears: Strategy for Launch Site leve

This strategy will be somewhat counter-intuitive, but seems to work. 1) load your mech with missiles and plasma 2) Upon deployment, quickly capture all three generators, and all the upgrade capacitors. 3) Build defense ONLY on the right-most generator. With 400+ points, you can spam missile turrets quite easily. Yes, this is intentional. Hostiles will … Read more