Arma Reforger: How to Create HUD/UI/GUI Addons

This is a simple guide on how to create GUI/UI/HUD addon’s for Arma Reforger.   Introduction Hello there. Are YOU wondering how you actually use the Arma Reforger Tools, in order to create HUD or UI specific stuff? You did your layout, or even created a simple little script, but you just cannot get it to work, … Read more

Arma Reforger: All Keyboard & Gamepad Controls

Here is a full list of all keyboards and gamepad controls in Arma Reforger.   Mouse and Keyboard Common Perform Action Y Focus Right Mouse Button (Hold) Focus while Driving Right Mouse Button (Hold) Freelook Left Alt Toggle Freelook Left Alt (Double Tap) Toggle Perspective Num Enter / Backspace Chat Enter Show Player List P Talk … Read more

Arma Reforger: The Evronian Bigfoot Guide

The island of Evron is home to an elusive species of Bigfoot, also known as Yeti, Sasquatch, Samsquanch or Buga-boo. In Southern Louisiana and Alabama, on the other side of the world, they are referred to as the “Evron Swamp Booger”, although the species does not live in a swamp habit. Preferring to stick to … Read more

Arma Reforger: How to Setup a Dedicated Server (Windows)

Here is a quick tutorial on how to set up a dedicated server for Arma Reforger. if you want to play with your friends.   How to Setup a Dedicated Server To start a reforger server in Windows, create bat file (“start.bat”) in your reforger folder (e.g. S:\Games\ArmaReforger\) and right click “Edit”. Add this: cd S:\Games\ArmaReforger\ … Read more